I write for Ancient History Encyclopedia (AHE), I have included my best articles below. All contributions to AHE can be found on my user page.

(2017) Object in Focus: The Meroe Head of AugustusAncient History Encyclopedia.
(2016) Ancient Greek Temples of the Mediterranean, Ancient History Encyclopedia
(2016) Cuneiform and the Amarna Letters, Ancient History Encyclopedia.
(2016) Erotic Images from Ancient Times, Ancient History Encyclopedia.
(2016) How to Stand Out,  ALIA InCITE Magazine, Vol 37 Iss 11/12.
(2016) Indigenous affairs: a quick guide to key internet links, Australian Parliamentary Library.
(2016) What Inspires UsAncient History Encyclopedia.
(2015) A Newbie’s Impression of inForum 2015, RIMPA.
(2015) Ancient Music and Instruments from the Mediterranean, Ancient History Encyclopedia.
(2015) Art of PompeiiAncient History Encyclopedia.
(2015) Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction, Dinosaur Dreaming Annual Report.
(2015) Lets go to the MuseumALIA InCITE Magazine, Vol 36 Iss 4.

(2015) Frederick Lawson Whitlock, Ornithologist (1860-1953)Museum Victoria Collections.
(2015) Percy Tarlton Rayment, Apiarist (1882-1964)Museum Victoria Collections.
(2015) Henry Greensill Barnard, Ornithologist (1869-1966)Museum Victoria Collections.
(2015) Hermann Ralph Uhlherr, Engineer (1934-Present), Museum Victoria Collections.
(2015) Herta Uhlherr, Editor & Teacher (1938-Present), Museum Victoria Collections.

(2016)  Luthieros Music Instruments, Ancient History Encyclopedia.
(2015) Traveling in Israel on a BudgetAncient History Encyclopedia.