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Dig: Dinosaur Dreaming 2017

Last week I spent my days sitting in the sun, surrounded by chatter and the sound of cold chisels hitting rock. I was in the Otways National Park breaking rock with a group of volunteers and scientists. The point of this you ask? Why, to find cretaceous-era fossils hidden in the rock layer, of course!

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Exhibition: A History of the World in 100 Objects

When I heard the British Museum’s exhibition A History of the World in 100 Objects was coming to Canberra I could not stop smiling. Since its arrival, I have visited three times and plan more visits in the near future. In this post, I’m going to take you on a short tour of the exhibition, showing off my favourite objects.

So come on, let’s travel through two million years of human history together.

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Lecture: Villa of the Papyri

I attended a lecture hosted by the Friends of ANU Classics Museum in September. That lecture promoted further researcher into Herculaneum, Naples and its artefacts (including connections to my own research).

Imagine a villa so big that parts of it haven’t been uncovered yet, and that is big enough to house over 90 sculptures and other artefacts. This villa can be found in what was once the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum, and today is in a half-excavated dig site near the Gulf of Naples.

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