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Conference: Day 1 of NLS8

I attended all of the New Librarians Symposium (NLS8), including the workshops on Friday before the conference proper. But before I start reflecting I just wanted to say thank you Amy Walduck. If you didn’t suggest a topic for me to present on, I wouldn’t have even heard of NLS8.

I went to Dr Tim Sherratt’s workshop: Random acts of meaning: Digital skills for a post-truth world (I must be a permanent fixture in your workshops by now Tim) and Carmi Cronje and Fiona Jones workshop: Introduction to the Library Carpentry toolbox.

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Workshop: Publishing and Using Data on

So in another workshop, last week I learned how to publish and use data on I just want to start by saying kudos to for making the process of registering as pain-free as possible.

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Workshop: Introduction to Public Data

This week I attended two workshops by This post is about Introduction to Public Data. What is public data you ask? It is information collected or generated by the Australian Government. So stuff like your taxes, ABN’s, census or where electoral borders are. But, what is’s part in all this? They are encouraging government entities to publish their public data openly on their platform, provide agencies with their expertise to solve really knurly data problems and overall enhance public servants data literacy.

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