1_JadeDFTBA – Librarian in Training – Graphic Designer – Wannabe Archaeologist & Writer

Hi! I’m Jade (misskokolib). I’m a Librarianship and Corporate Information Management student in the final year of my degree, at Curtin University.

I started this blog in 2014 as a way of recording and reflecting on everything GLAMR (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Records Management), I did while I studied. In future, I’m moving that type of content to my Youtube Channel. Please follow me, the forever curious, misskokolib as I navigate new worlds of content creation.

From 2018 onwards I’m going to use this blog as a space to develop my writing. To write stories, poems, essays and just explore the written word again. I’m really looking forward to it!

Current projects:

  1. Musing on the GLAMR sector. Sharing my accumulated knowledge and experience in this sector through video content.
  2. Working my way through Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities by Nick Montfort and all the content in my Mixing Databrianship with Digital Humanities blog post to become the most amazing coder and programmer and digital humanist that ever there was.
  3. Being Awesome, DFTBA.

Current volunteering:

  1. Digger and writer for Dinosaur Dreaming.
  2. Committee Member and Social Media Coordinator of the Museums Galleries Australia’s ACT branch. During my time in these roles, I have organised events like Article Club and developed the ACT branch’s social media and communication policies. I’ve also grown their Twitter profile and created their Facebook Page.

Past volunteering:

  1. ACT Regional Coordinator for ALIA’s Student and New Graduate Group (ALIA SNGG) and its Social Media Coordinator in charge of Twitter. During my time in these roles, I organised events like ALIA #National16 Conference WrapSpeak Up! Presenting at Conferences for the first time and GLAMR Connect and doubled followers on ALIA’s SNGG Twitter.
  2. Blog Editor at Ancient History Encyclopedia (AHE), where I sourced authors and articles, edited and scheduled blog content for AHE’s blog Ancient History Etc (AHEtc). I have included some of the best articles I wrote for AHEtc on my publications page.
  3. A Humanities Research Intern at Melbourne Museum. You can see what I achieved there, over six months, by clicking the biography links found on my publications page.
  4. An Internship in the Australian Parliamentary Library, Canberra. Here are my reflections about it. It is my hope these provide future applicants with some insights.
  5. Tour Guide and Gallery Explainer at Melbourne Museum.
  6. Tour Guide at Old Melbourne Gaol.
  7. Library Assistant at Melbourne Museum.
  8. Digitisation Assistant for the Biodiversity Heritage Library based at Melbourne Museum.
  9. Ground Crew for various cons, hack-a-thons and conferences, like Vidcon 2017, GovHack 2017, Oz-Comic Con 2015, RIMPA’s National Conference 2015, Museums and the Web Asia 2015 and ALIA’s National Conference 2014.


  1. Panellist at OCLC’s Asia Pacific Regional Council Conference, 2015.
  2. Workshop presenter at New Librarians Symposium, NLS8, 2017.
  3. Panellist at ALIA SNGG’s NLS8 Wrap Up (Recording) 2017.
  4. Speaker at ALIA SNGG’s KSC Workshop (Recording) 2017.

If you want to know about the organisations I’ve worked for and the roles I’ve had, wander over to my LinkedIn profile. Oh, and one more shameless plug, I am also a freelance graphic designer, check out my portfolio and shop.