I have one more month until uni starts, so I treated myself with some creative writing. Based on internet research I did on Spiritual Psychology and Dr Stone.

My students trickled through the door, many unsure if they really wanted to be there having been told by someone else to come. I have observed that many people do not like to be told they need help or forced into a class that will supposedly fix them. Despite this, my plan is to give them tools they need to see the world through a different lens.

I started the class by introducing myself, “I am Dr Joshua David Stone. Please think of me not as your lecturer or teacher but your brother and friend, Joshua.  We are here today because you need to change some things about your lives. I promise to give you the tools to do so.”

Continuing the class I said, “Edgar Cayce once said that the mind is a builder. On its own, the statement doesn’t mean much but if we go a little deeper you will begin to understand why the mind is a builder.”

 “This is a waste of my time!” came a voice from the back of the room.

I turned towards the man who had spoken and waited till I had his full attention. Glancing down at the class role I asked, “Michael, was it? Tell me how do you feel after having said that statement?”

 “Impatient, angry,” he grumbled.

 “And why is that, do you think?” I asked

 “Because you are wasting my time!” he stated, becoming increasingly agitated.

Looking around at the rest of the class I put the question to them, “Why do you think Michael is feeling so put-out?”

A woman with dark bags under her eyes asked, “Because he didn’t give the class a chance?”

 “No, no”, said another woman from across the room, “I mean yeah he didn’t give the Doc a chance, but it was because he thought bad thoughts about the class!”

I smiled, grateful that at least one of my students was paying attention. “That is right, Michael thought he would not find this class worthwhile, in his mind, he built an idea that he was wasting his time and when we think we are wasting our time we…”

 “Get angry,” some of my students said excitedly.

“Exactly, ” I replied, “Think about this, if the voice in your head keeps telling you that you can’t do anything right, you feel upset. You start disliking who you are and blame everything little thing that goes wrong in your life on yourself, even if it was out of your control.” Some of my students nodded slowly seeming to relate to the scenario I was spinning. It seemed like a good idea to set an activity to enforce the new idea I  implanted in my student’s minds.

Looking around my class, my gaze landed on Michael and I felt I was talking to him in particular, “Tomorrow, take five minutes to listen to your thoughts and assess how they make you feel. Write it down and if you feel comfortable sharing, you can do so at our next session. That is all for today.”




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