On the 25th July, I was on a panel reflecting on the 8th New Librarians Symposium and it was a pleasure to be given the opportunity. I also found it really comforting to hear how the symposium inspired my colleagues and their ideas for future ones.

As a speaker, I reflected on that all important title and how I may have misled people with mine (even though that wasn’t my intention). I ended up calling my workshop DIY: Marketing for Libraries, however, I covered design elements and free software librarians could use to create their own promotional material and not marketing strategies. I had a suggestion from the audience during the panel of promotional design, which would have been a better title for getting across the content of my workshop.

As we were asked questions our panel came up with a couple session ideas and themes they would like to see at NLS9:

  1. Everyone really enjoyed the workshops where they learned through role playing (Project Management fun and games and Getting down and dirty: Modern realities of special libraries) or gamification (Librarians and Dragons) and would like to see more like them.
  2. Emotional and social benefits of libraries – prison libraries can provide much more than just education. A Tolkien book can transport people away from their surrounds for a while, which is just as beneficial as getting an education.
  3. Everyone thought the Rainbow Storytime was amazing and the Breakout Space in general.
  4. Kudos to everyone who tweeted during NLS8, most people remembered to add hashtags and speaker twitter handles, which made it really easy to follow along from home.
  5. There should be a panel discussion on librarians in film/pop culture and/or cosplay culture. Then following on from that, it was commented that the panel discussion at NLS8 on style should have ended with a #librarianwardrobe runway.
  6. Yoga, Tai Chi or deep breathing for wellness in a space like the Breakout Space.
  7. Self-care – maintaining your own self-worth and mental health when looking for work.
  8. Emotional labour of librarians – tools for helping us deal with being a listening ear, social worker and counsellor, which are roles we are sometimes required to take on.

Below is a video of our panel if you would like to listen to what was said.

If you would like to look at the content created for and around NLS8 here is the Librarian and Dragon’s Character Profile talked about in our panel, the NLS8 Collection on Figshare, and a collection of blog posts and Storify about NLS8.

Till next time!
DFTBA (Don’t forget to be Awesome)