Most of Saturday I was hidden away in NLS8 HQ practising for my workshop at 2:30 pm. But I did get to see Katrina Williams‘s How to Deal with Change…. like a boss, the day’s keynotes, Successful, Glamorous, Blah blah blah by Clare McKenzie, Kate Byrne & Alyson DalbySay “YES” applying a growth mindset to your library career by Mylee Joseph and attended the social event at the National Sound and Film Archive.

Out of all the indigenous languages I have heard, I reckon Maori and the Aboriginal languages are the most melodic. Is it strange that everytime I hear a welcome to country I just close my eyes and listen to the sounds? After Paul House’s welcome to country at NLS8 he called for two volunteer’s and Kathy and I got to keep a beat as he played the didgeridoo.

NLS8 Welcome to Country, taken by June 2017.

Black Lives Matter Australia  I  Sovereign Union  I  MGA Indigenous Roadmap  I  Aboriginal languages  I  Power of Description

I always thought, wouldn’t it be great if I met the team behind the International Library Network (ILN)? Well at NLS8, I did! Clare, Kate and Alyson provided an inspiring and practical insight to the growth of the ILN. It was also interesting to hear that when they started, it was difficult to find case studies they could model ILN off. So Clare, Kate, Alyson, what did you find instead?

I particularly loved Alyson’s message, as it’s something I’ve been saying too! I have volunteered at Conferences, been a Regional Coordinator for ALIA’s Student and Newgrad Group and now, I am ALIA’s ACT State Manager. I’ve seen how easy it is to have an idea, but I’ve also seen the same people coming up with the ideas struggling to make them a reality and becoming burnt out. If you want to see something happen or have a great project idea, talk to your State Managers, they can connect you to a community who can support you, or help you build one! Don’t leave those with passion to get burnt out – Do Something.

It’s us that makes our industry awesome and if everyone does a little bit each year, then that awesomeness will keep on going.


ILN Blog  I  How to Start a Mentoring Program  I  Building a Strong Foundation

First thing that stuck me about Katrina was her energy, she literally acted out a story in front of us. After I got over my Katrina awe, I realised the story she was telling us had a very interesting moral. You can look for all the frameworks you like for dealing with change, but at the end of the day, its how you react to change that will make people want to work with you… or not.


She also gave us a silver bullet for dealing with change – Know thyself. Because its only by knowing why you react to things a certain way and how change makes you feel that you can become a positive change agent.


After Katrina’s sessions I hid in NLS8 HQ till my workshop DIY Marketing for Libraries. Reflecting on how it went, there are a few things I’d do differently:

  1. Make sure everyone knows about and has done any pre-work required for future workshops.
  2. Despite timing myself many times, I ran out of time for some sections of my workshop. Could fix this by doing less demonstrating.
  3. Come with better prepared goodies and examples of good design attendees can take home with them.

Overall I had excellent feedback from my workshop and people really enjoyed being shown through some free design programs. If you went to my workshop let me know how you liked it in the comments.

Below are some of the designs created by attendees of my workshop.


Workshop: DIY Marketing for Libraries  I  Slides for DIY Marketing  I  GIMP  I  Gravit  I  Canva

Though I spent much of Mylee‘s presentation calming my nerves. I did take away a couple nuggets of wisdom. You are the CEO of your own career, so trust yourself, your limits and when a chance comes your way, say yes.

On a side note, if you are at the same event or conference as Mylee Joseph, watch her twitter feed closely. She is well-known for posting links to resources talked about in presentations.


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Till next time!
DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome)