On the 7 March, Chris Sonneveld and I hosted GLAMR Connect as ALIA’s ACT Regional Coordinators with the Student and Newgrads Group. For this event, I had two goals: make Canberra library professionals aware of all the cool events going on this year and to help attendees and speakers make connections.

The event itself was a grand success and I have had many people tell me that. I also had attendees suggest it would be a great opening event for every year and that the ACT Student and Newgrad Group Coordinators should try putting together a GLAMR calendar. Both great ideas, and one of the reasons I love getting people together in a room from various sectors because ideas just happen!

I was interested to see that many of the events organised by GLAMR association in Canberra were very similar. For example, article or reading clubs, Christmas parties and conference wrap-ups. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone knew when these similar events were? Especially the wrap-ups, I personally would love to attend a wrap-up on the MA’s 2017 Conference, MuseumNext or ASA’s 2017 conference.

I think it’s important that professionals in the field are given the chance to meet students and newgrads and I am really happy to provide that space. I look forward to similar opportunities in future.

Till next time!
DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome)