On the second day of Electronic Visualization and the Arts Australasia 2016 (#EVAA2016) I participated in many discussions. As I reveal to you the variety of projects I discovered, I ask that you think about the role of research in Humanities and where professionals that work with data visualisation sit in Australia’s current political environment.

Old Parliament house lit up for the Enlighten Festival which took place at the same time as EVAA2016, Canberra, ACT. Photo © Jade Koekoe.

Deborah Lupton presented Data Sensing where she explained her findings in how people use and experience their own personal data. Deborah elaborated by saying we cohabitate with our digital devices, they are apart of daily routines and our constant companions. We become emotional attached to our devices and the data they provide for us. Deborah also noticed in her research that many she studied weren’t that worried about how third-party organisations could be using their data.

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Paula Bray and James Boyce presented Loom. Every Thread Has A Story: Removing the search box, what and why? I am very interested in exploring search interfaces without the search box, so it was a pleasure to hear about Paula and James’s recipe for success.

DX Lab’s recipe for success.
What DX Lab and Grumpy Sailor learned in creating Loom.

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John Power presented How Does a Painter’s Hand Think about Generative Art Practice? He explored how traditional artist principles of line, point and plane fit into generative art practice. He also mentioned art in relation to the self and how some artists think it is “cheating” to write a bit of code that will create art for you while you sleep!

John Power’s art machine scintillascope .

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The closing plenary Digital Collections: generous and poetic interfaces online, featured work by Mitchell Whitelaw, Ben Ennis-Butler and Riley Post. The discussion revolved around collection interfaces, discovery and search.

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