Day three of VALA gave me a chance to really explore the convergence of GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) institutions and how our goals are starting to merge more with the growth of digital tools and strategies.

Interactive Pen from the Baltimore Museums

Nancy Proctor with The Museum as a start up encouraged us to think of cultural institutions as in the content business. Museums need to emphasis what makes them unique and build not just on the items in their collections but the vast amount of  intellectual property that grows up around them.

Nancy Proctor reminded us to use blue ocean thinking so we can hear the opportunities knocking.

Museums and the Web   I   Baltimore Museum Of Art

Nicole Kearney and Elycia Wallis with In the words of our field naturalists: an adventure in digitisation and transcription told us of her digitsiation journey and the benefits of crowd sourcing volunteers to help with transcription. I appreciated hearing about difficulties encountered along the way and how the biodiversity heritage team overcame them.

Museum Victoria   I   Biodiversity Heritage Library

Bootcamp GLAM WikiBomb with Andy Mabbett and Pru Mitchell

Andy and Pru took us through a quick demonstration of what a Wikipedian in resident can do and other projects that Wikipedia has done in the GLAM sector. One project in particular that captured my sci-fi imagination was Monmouthpedia, I saw people walking around cities and with a single touch on a Wikipedia logo on the side of a building they would be able to download a complete history of it, relational information and be notified of similar buildings in neighboring towns. Now there’s a future goal for Wikipedia!

GLAM Wiki   I   Wikimedia Commons

Conclusion: There is so much convergence going on between GLAM, computer science and data nerds that we really should have a framework for collaboration between the different professions by now!


Till next time!
DFTBA (Dont Forget to be Awesome)