We attend conferences to learn, explore and be inspired. My reasons for attending OCLC’s Asia Pacific Regional Council Conference (#APRC15) included these and a couple more.

What OCLC does has been “one of those things I gotta look into” since I first heard about them back in 2013, when I started my information management degree. I vaguely understood OCLC to be a worldwide organisation into cool stuff like linked data and metadata management. It pleased me to learn that I wasn’t far off, but really, they are so much more.

Services like WorldShare, a global data network, API’s for metadata management and steps towards unicode developments, highlighted just how future-focused and collaborative OCLC is. I was amazed as I listened to numerous examples of contributions Asian libraries have made towards the creation of more efficient library services and better access to information.

So while I was at this conference to learn, this time I was also there to share my thoughts, as I had been invited to speak on a panel of “next generation librarians”.

From OCLC's Program, the description of the panel I spoke on.
From OCLC’s Program, the description of the panel I spoke on.

I spoke with Katie HadenJaye Weatherburn, Steven Chang and Pam Giumarra from Melbourne Library. I am pretty confident our audience heard the message we put out there, “information professionals of the future are ‘people persons’ who aren’t afraid to innovate, try new things and are flexible”.

For my first efforts at public speaking, since the debate team of primary school, I think I put my best foot forward and contributed to making my panel pretty awesome.

Till next time!
DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome)