Last month I decided to do something different with the pictures I took during my trip to Canberra. The results of which were an interesting array of connections made between ideas, images and a few words.

Image colour photograph gallery thing. Photo by Fogonwater.
Image colour photograph gallery thing. Photo by Fogonwater.

I found it surprisingly easy to make connections, the hard part was finding similar images to make those connections with. I’ll admit there were some days where I made connections through an abstract concept rather than the image in front of me. Take for example my posts on the 11th and the 29th.

Then there were days where idea, image and words connected perfectly.

I dove headlong into this project for two reasons, I wanted to start something I could easily pick up again for future trips/projects/thoughts/musings and to explore the possibilities in using Museum online collections for fun. Without a doubt this project has proven to be an enjoyable venture into the past and present. Making connections in this manner has expanded, for me, the meaning of each image and the situation it was taken in. Weaving into my experience, stories of the people I met with objects from the past.

Museum online collections have been a ‘thing’ since around the year 2000. But the average visitor hardly explores these offerings, instead preferring to visit the Museum building to view its treasures. Researchers are generally the target market for Museum online collections and I can instinctively see how researchers use them. But what about those who wouldn’t know the difference between a Tektite or Australite? Or be able to appreciate the complexity of securing cultural permissions so that items can be viewed in the public domain of the web?

My Tūhonohono project has been one small way to highlight how Museum online collections can be used for fun. In future, I hope to learn about all other projects out there with similar goals so I can continue adding my voice to the mix.

Till next time!
DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome)