Image colour photograph gallery thing. Photo by Fogonwater.
Image colour photograph gallery thing. Created by Fog on water.

Tūhonohono means to bring together – to weave or join

I have been thinking a lot about using museum collections in different ways and about visualising those collections. I will be in Canberra for my internship at the Parliamentary Library next month and instead of just taking pictures of the new things and places I will see, I have decided follow in Virginia Gow’s footsteps and create connections between pictures I take with my phone to images and items from the Online Collections of Museum Victoria.

In essence this idea is inspired by

  1. Virginia Gow’s 2013 Tūhonohono project,
  2. The Sherrin’s 2012 ThreeSixFive project,
  3. Chris McDowall’s 2013 Colours of Tūhonohono and
  4. a game called Sembl which I have been playing for the last month.

I hope you all enjoy my little project.

Till next time!
DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome)