On the 22nd I made my way to the Baillieu Library in Melbourne University to listen to Les Kneebone talk about RDF and Australian Education Vocabularies.

I was interested in this talk because I have started learning about RDF, web HTML and the semantic web in Information Design, one of the units I am currently studying. Les did not disappoint, he started off outlining the basic triples concept, which really delighted me because I understood what he was talking about!


The Education Services Australia (ESA) provides support for schools in curriculum, digital content via controlled vocabularies, metadata and much more. Les told us about ESA’s push to put some of its own data onto the web, making it freely available. This also happens to be the essence of the semantic web, by putting Australian education vocabularies up as data ESA have made it possible for other organisations to link back into that data and use or reuse it.

There was one point that stuck with me from the night. The type of linking the semantic web allows means we are trusting that organisations will also have their information… or in this case data, correct.

Semantic web = web of trust. Can organisations that organise and create data be trusted to uphold that?

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