On the 27th of February I went to Melbourne Museum to complete day one of tour guide training with volunteers and customer service officers (CSO) of Museum Victoria. We covered topics on how we interpret Museum collections, knowing your audience and how to engage them, leadership and studying what makes a good tour.

I particularly enjoyed the workshop in the afternoon. We were asked to brainstorm what we considered to be our strengths and weakness as tour guides. When completed, our teacher Adrienne Leith told us to look at the strengths we wrote. She said to remember before we even completed the training these were the skills we acknowledged we already had. We then shared some weakness and for the next 30 mins our training group supported each other by providing ways to manage those weakness. It was comforting to see some people, CSO’s and Volunteers alike, had the same concerns that I did and that everyone was so willing to help others overcome those weakness.

Though the course of the day I also realised the skills and strategies I was learning were equally transferable to any workplace or job. Which makes me very grateful I decided to sign up for this training! On the 10th of March I completed day two of tour guide training, on this day we practised storytelling. The activities through-out the day gave us a chance to present in front of our classmates. For the first activity I spoke about CSIRAC. I compared CSIRAC to modern computers and, in an attempt to relate my story to my Melbourne audience, managed to weave in a bit about coffee.

The second activity I enjoyed was the tour, our whole class went out and walked around the Museum giving each other impromptu introductions to each of the galleries. Which proved to each of us that even without extensive research behind us, we could do passable tours already. So with a bit more research and practice behind me, I should be a great tour guide!

Maybe I’ll see you at the Melbourne Museum sometime? Don’t forgot to take a Highlights tour!

Till next time!

DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome)