This year I told myself I would attain a library job and I have already had my first interview. Though I did not get the position, I learned a lot from the experience.


I have not had an interview for over three years so I was understandably nervous. Like we all do I researched the company I was applying for and the position. I used LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the company website to understand their mission, goals and values. I used ALIA and IFLA to research salary scales and standards that applied to the position.

Despite all this preparation my nerves got the better of me and there was one question, which in hindsight I can say, I could have answered much better.

This interview taught me two things, it’s alright to be nervous (just try not to let it get the better of you) and understanding the Main Responsibilities section of the position description is just as important as knowing you can satisfy the Key Selection Criteria (KSC).

As job hunters I am sure many of you are familiar with the KSC – it is the part of the position description where you use short concise paragraph’s to prove you have experience. I would like to draw your attention to the Main Responsibilities – this is where you will be advised of the day-to-day work you will be performing. Though I read the Main Responsibilities for the position, I believe I would have found the interview easier if I had prepared answers and matched experience to this section like I had for the KSC.

So when you are applying for your next job read the position description at least three times, and if you happen to get called for an interview prepare answers for the KSC, Main Responsibilities and brush up on your customer service skills.

Till next time!
DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome)