As promised a second post containing the ‘hot tips’ I took away from the ’60 Minute Make-Over Special’ event. Jenny‘s presentation highlighted why we should keep an online presence and who our audiences are. Kim stressed that it is our confidence and passions that will get us noticed. Raelene walked us through LinkedIn and revealed why it is such a valuable tool in job searching. So without further ado…. your tips.


  • An online presence allows you to connect with people, discover new information, have an impact on your profession and helps you to develop credibility with your peers.
  • No use having an online presence if nobody can find you! So link link link to your pages from your other pages and ask your friends to link to your blog or portfolio too.
  • Using keywords can also help people to find the right you.
  • An online presence takes time, so be prepared to put time into it!


  • Confidence is key for networking so be prepared when you introduce yourself. Say: your name, something about yourself, and end with an open ended question. Eg: Hi, I’m Jade. I have a garage full of books at home that I will never throw out. What type of genres do you enjoy?
  • Do a self audit. This will help you manage your own time and social media presence. Look to my post on ’60 Minute Make-Over Special’ Homework for an example of how to do this.
  • Find a buddy or mentor


  • Everyone you know is a network opportunity.
  • Join groups on LinkedIn and start talking with those in your profession.
  • It is true that only 10% of jobs are advertised and LinkedIn can help you get a foot in with that other 90%. The other 90% of jobs are acquired through networking, direct contact, agencies and referrals.
  • 95% of employers view LinkedIn as a recruiting source.
  • Customise your headline and LinkedIn URL, these make you more accessible to employers.

Raelene has also kindly agreed to me including her LinkedIn Fact Sheet called ‘Tips for a Winning Profile’ in this post.

Till next time!
DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome)