Last week I attended ALIA’s National Conference, I was volunteering on Wednesday afternoon (which meant I got to attend morning sessions for free. All students should look into such volunteering opportunities!) I left feeling inspired and keen to explore some of the ideas brought up at the conference.

The sessions I attended discussed collaboration, Trove, web archiving, the evolution of TAFE libraries, joint-use libraries, grey literature, copyright issues and the future of libraries. Personally I found the points raised in the sessions on web archiving and copyright really engaging.

Most information professionals are aware of the digital gap – the fear that without proper strategies in place (such as good web archiving) much of our digital cultural heritage can be lost. Allison Dellit from the National Library of Australia talked about a new project called the Australian Government Web Archive (AGWA), which harvests Commonwealth Government Websites. She walked us through the site and demonstrated its tools for locating information. Allison mentioned the future goals of AGWA are integration with Trove, metadata extraction and visualisation data. Her presentation was a comfort to me, I appreciated knowing that there were people already thinking of ways to cross the digital gap.

Copyright is a sticky situation for information professionals, and I understand if I am going to succeed as an information professional it is vital I have a good understanding of copyright as it applies in Australia. Trish Hepworth presented everything we needed to know about Copyright in 15mins and then a panel went on to discuss current issues in copyright such as:

  • Orphan works.
  • Preservation.
  • Digital legal deposit.
  • Limitations of digitising materials under the current provisions of the Act.

The events I have attended in the last two weeks have made it very clear that copyright is a growing concern for information professionals and that every effort should be made to stay on top of current events. On that note here are a couple current news stories about copyright that interested me.

Copyright and technology in the classroom

Copyright and print disabilities: A personal view

Until next time, DFTBA.