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Short Story: Spiritual Psychology

I have one more month until uni starts, so I treated myself with some creative writing. Based on internet research I did on Spiritual Psychology and Dr Stone.

My students trickled through the door, many unsure if they really wanted to be there having been told by someone else to come. I have observed that many people do not like to be told they need help or forced into a class that will supposedly fix them. Despite this, my plan is to give them tools they need to see the world through a different lens.

I started the class by introducing myself, “I am Dr Joshua David Stone. Please think of me not as your lecturer or teacher but your brother and friend, Joshua.  We are here today because you need to change some things about your lives. I promise to give you the tools to do so.”

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Short Story: Missed Chances in the Library

This short story was created after four mornings of observing the interactions between two library patrons while I studied.

He was a regular, every morning he would be one of the first through the doors. He would claim the same red armchair and sit there always in sensible shoes and clothes, a newspaper in hand. His chair positioned to have a perfect view of the front entrance. Settling in he would open up his paper and read through the world news section, grumbling and shaking his head every now and then. However, if you watched him closely you would notice that it was all show and he was really using his newspaper as a screen, which over the top of he would discreetly assess each person who came through the doors. Many he dismissed as unimportant, but then there was her.

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GLAMR content moving to YouTube

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for following my blog all these years, it’s been a journey for sure! From now on however, this space is going to take another direction. I used to write novels, short stories, jokes, poetry, essays, articles, you name it, I wrote it.

Since going back to school to study librarianship my inspiration for creative writing has, understandably, dropped. But I have only one more unit to go until I graduate, so I anticipate some increased creativity!

I’m still very much interested and involved in the discussions around librarianship and will be moving that sort of content to my YouTube channel, so please pop on over and subscribe.

But as of this year, I will use this space for creative writing. I’ve never known if my work is any good but I hope you find some enjoyment in it, regardless.

(Don’t Forget to be Awesome)


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